And in March 2009, after much hullabaloo about the size and density of the First Lady's biceps generated by Mrs. Obama's not-infrequent magazine-cover invitations to an unsubstantiated gun show, theirs was the first and only President of the United States Versus First Lady of the United States Official Annual… » 2/25/09 5:25pm 2/25/09 5:25pm

I just found out we're receiving free basic cable, unbeknownst to our cable company, and we are plugged the fuck in. First ever real-time watching of Mad Men is upon me, and it's gonna no more legal than any of the other times I've seen it. » 10/12/08 7:49pm 10/12/08 7:49pm

@The HZA: I was also glad to see Betty hold her ground after the slip. I broke down, the first pan over Don as he's asleep in the moonlight on the floor, because I knew Betty was going to touch him. Touch him while he's asleep, while he can't lie to her. » 10/06/08 9:39pm 10/06/08 9:39pm